Top 10 TV Character Styles

Have you ever wanted to dress like a character from a TV show? Did you see an outfit in an episode from Gossip Girl and wanted to buy a replica of it from the store? Do you and a character from a popular TV series share similar fashion tastes? From Rachel Berry to Betty Draper, there have been many standout fashion choices and here is a Top 10 list of the current best TV character styles.

1. Pam De Beaufort (Kristen Bauer), True Blood – There’s no doubt that this vampire goddess can put on a wardrobe like no other. She always comes up with the most interesting outfits and she knows how to match the style of her hair with what she wears. And of course, she wears pink! Best outfit: The black latex gown she wore at Fangtasia with a red ribbon tied around her neck.

2. Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), The Vampire Diaries – Sometimes simple outfits look good, especially on Elena. She has a great figure and she knows how to wear a mean leather jacket. She can look casual one day and stunning on another day. She has the most amazing hair and whether it’s straight or curly, she always looks chic. Best outfit: Although I do like her modern, contemporary look, I prefer her blue spaghetti strap gown that she wore to the Mystic Falls ball.

3. Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Gossip Girl – It’s not easy being Blair. She is the most popular girl in school, she is the queen B of the class and she also needs to dress to impress. If there’s ever a bigger fashionista, it’s Blair. Her outfits range from little dresses to high-end gowns. Oh, let’s not forget about her orange red Oscar De La Renta gown. Best outfit:  The satin floral dress ensemble she wore to Paris with a blue beanie hat.

4. Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Glee – She’s the high school sweetheart that everybody adores. She wears what she likes and usually she’s prim and proper. Basically she’s perfect. Her fashion choices have been consistent with her personality and although she can be predictable at times, she definitely has the best wardrobe out of her choir group.  Best outfit: The gold-coloured dress she wore to the Regionals with the matching gold headband.

5. Betty Draper (January Jones), Mad Men – Betty dresses no differently from her female counterparts but there’s something about the way she styles herself that makes her stand out. First, she can pull off a fierce short hairdo. She dresses conservative but yet, flirty. Her nonchalant attitude matches her edgy classic American style. Best outfit: Her black sleeveless gown with the crazy updo that gave her an Audrey Hepburn aura. The only thing missing was the long, silky white gloves.

6. Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup), 90210 – If there’s anyone more creative in how they dress, it’s Silver. From her colourful bandanas to her beautiful smile, it’s no wonder she’s the belle of the ball. Am I the only one who digs her peacock earrings? They are just so fun and quirky! She has a bohemian style that’s matched with her fun-loving attitude. This girl gets an A+ in the fashion book from me. Best outfit: The tie-dye tank top and denim skirt combo she wore in Season 1 with an orange scarf. I love her casual boots and striped high socks. I miss her medium-long hair, too!

7. Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Pretty Little Liars – All hail Miss Hale, er I mean, Aria. I think Aria has the most versatile style on the show. She steals the scene every time she’s on screen because of what she’s wearing. Her short dresses and hair accessories make her style the most interesting of the bunch. She knows how to wear a hat and she throws on the cutest earrings! Best outfit: Definitely the jet black leather dress she wore to the masquerade ball with the golden strings falling down her shoulders.

8. Ruby Red (Meghan Ory), Once Upon a Time – Although she’s fairly new to the scene, Little Red Riding Hood is no newbie in the fable books. I adore Meghan’s rendition of Little Red and I think Ruby has a unique sense of style. I love the red highlights in her hair and the red cape she sometimes wears in the woods gives her a mysterious vibe. She has a hip sense of style and her super high red platforms are so chic! Best outfit: It’s got to be the white waitress outfit with the red headband she had on at the bar she works at when she first served Emma.

9. Mini McGuinness (Freya Mavor), Skins – Sure, Effy and Cassie dressed well but there’s something about Mini that makes her style stand out. She knows what looks best on her and she always has the most pleasant smile. She can be quite extravagant in her accessorizing and she always has to look her ‘best’ at different occasions. She’s like a Barbie doll playing dress-up. Best outfit: She has many different styles and it’s hard to pick and choose what outfit she looks best in, but if I had to choose, it has to be the pink tank top and yellow skirt ensemble she wore paired with a green necklace.

10. Lori Weston (Lauren German), Hawaii-Five 0 – Oh, Lori, the newest member on the island. She has a flawless style that’s unique to her. Her natural sense of beauty adds to her effortless look. She wears soft colours well and her Mona Lisa face almost has a painted look to it. Her iconic ponytail and sharp facial features makes her all the more attractive. Can you say foxy? Best outfit: Well, there isn’t much to choose from, but I did like her orange t-shirt look with her hair pulled to the side, looking very lady boss like.

So there you have it. Whose character style do you embody the most?

Photo by John-Mark Smith via Pexels