The Royal Wedding Fashion Police: My Review on Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

I love royal weddings, I really do. But this year’s royal wedding fashion was a letdown for me. First of all, I’m really happy to see Prince William and Princess Kate celebrate their union as a couple. They looked so happy together. The only missing from the ceremony was a bit of bizazze. Some of the outfits people wore really stood out to me like Victoria Beckham’s classy hat and chic blue gown. In fact, I thought her fashion choice was probably the best out of the attendees. The girl’s got some serious style sense!

Now let’s talk about Kate Middleton’s dress (as designed by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton) for a moment. At first glance it looked to me as if she wanted to play Cinderella or something. The shoulder laces really distracted me and her hair should’ve been pinned up instead of let down. I think she would’ve looked more elegant and classy with her hair pulled up, leaving a few loose strands on the side. This shows her maturity and grace as a royal highness. Instead, she looked like a college schoolgirl who just got married to her high school sweetheart. She just didn’t do anything special with her look. In all fairness though, she did have a beautiful smile. I liked that her veil covered her face to give a little mysterious vibe to the ceremony. Her tiara was gorgeous and the bouquet of flowers was pretty. But most of all, I liked her long tail. I love wedding dresses with long tails at the end. Hey at least, she didn’t have puffed sleeves or anything. That would’ve been embarrassing to see.

Anyway, this topic got me thinking about the best wedding fashion in royal history. And I came up with a few of my favourite wedding gowns worn by some of the most famous royal ladies.

1. Grace Kelly – I think Kate got her inspiration from Grace’s wedding dress. They both have that laced shoulder thing going on and even the style of her corset looks similar to what Grace wore. Except the thing is that Grace had her hair up, giving her an aura of class and dignity. She really was full of grace.

2. Queen Elizabeth II – I didn’t see anything very special with her wedding dress but I liked how she looked wearing it. She had this elegant posture and the floral design on her dress was really lovely. I liked her whole ensemble, actually.

3. Princess Margaret – She had on such a classy gown. Everything looked perfect from head to toe. From her hair to her veil, sometimes it doesn’t take much to look so stunning. And boy, did she rock a plain dress and make it look like it’s worth a million dollars.

4. Princess Diana – I loved, loved her wedding dress. She looked absolutely gorgeous in it and it was interesting how she made short hair look so chic back then. She had an elegant walk and there was something regal about her whole look that day. She was surely the beautiful bride in royal wedding history.

5. Kate Middleton – Yes, even though I had some issues with the styling of her dress, I liked her ensemble for the most part. She definitely pulled it off with her signature moves and elegant walk. I think she may be one of the most good-looking brides in royal bride history but her hairstyle didn’t do her justice. The dress was neat, but it could’ve used some added punch. After all, we are in the 21st century, right?

And that’s my roundup of the latest in royal wedding fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding ceremony with Prince William and Princess Kate and I hope they have a lasting marriage. I am so in awe of Kate’s beauty and I think she can make the nation of Britain very proud. Now let’s see if the wedding fashion of Prince William’s brother, Prince Harry, can live up to my level of expectations when he gets married.

Photo by Dustin D. via Pexels

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