by Sally Gao

I feel like a fragile little flower,
Waiting to be pushed into a tower,
I can't say anything or do anything,
My life is evaporating into nothing

If I can wish for one thing right now,
It would be for me to touch the clouds,
So I can feel free again,
Cause I've been trapped like a pigeon,
And I don't know how to get out,
There're too many things I doubt

I am losing my mind
It's getting so late
Why can't I just be myself?
Can I please get out?

I need to feel my feet on the ground,
So I can set my mind on the future
And not let my fears and doubts dictate me
I will not let anything get to me

This is my time to shine
For I don't know what else to put in this line
by Sally Gao

Loneliness is empty
It makes your world black and white
You feel worthless
You pretend to be happy but you're hurting inside
You wonder if anyone wants you
You try to overlook it but it still bothers you

You spend the night crying in your sorrow
But you just end up feeling miserable
You don't want pity
You want to be loved
All you can do is hope