Favourite Celebrity Styles

There have been quite a few fashion standouts in the recent years with the Cannes Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and just recently the MET Ball. Celebrities have been dressing up not only on the red carpet but also in the public. People like Shenae  Grimes, Kim Kardarshian and the ever so innovative, Lady Gaga. From Lauren Conrad’s hair braids to Natalie Portman’s shaven head, I have come up with my Top 10 Favourite Celebrity Styles and here they are…

1. Taylor Swift – I don’t think she’s ever looked remotely bad either on-screen or off-screen. Every time I see her television or on a magazine cover, she always maintains a easy breezy Covergirl look. She has a feminine vibe to her and yet her eyes are so mesmerizing they just draw you in. I love her hairstyle and her wavy platinum curls. She looks so beautiful with blonde hair and she makes some of the best fashion choices. She wears the cutest hairbands and dresses, and she looks good with minimal makeup. I love her natural silent beauty and there is a aura of gracefulness in the way she carries herself.

2. Leighton Meester – I absolutely dig her style! She looks amazing in tight pants and trendy dresses. She has an eternal youthfulness and her smile can light up a room. I’ve noticed she likes wearing bright red lipstick and she plays a lot with her style. She looks like a girl who knows how to have a good time and I love the different poses she makes in magazine shoots. Her versatility and charisma is really inherent in all her pictures and she never disappoints me in terms of her fashion taste.

3. Kim Kadarshian – Kim has a unique sense of style. Her hair is sleek and her outfits are so chic. She knows what clothes best fits her body and she knows how to work her strut. Everything from her flair to her energy makes her a fashion standout. She may not have that classic Grace Kelly elegance, but she can show her graceful side when she needs to. She’s very inventive when it comes to hairstyling and dressing up for an event. It seems like she knows exactly what to wear to each occasion and that’s what makes her so amazing.

4. Mila Kunis – Oh Mila, she is so sweet and sassy. I love her whole casual look and her free spirit attitude. She’s always aware of her figure and knows just what to do to highlight her curves. From her prominent eyebrows to her dazzling eyes, she really knows how to steal the camera. I was floored by how stunning she looked on the recent Vanity Fair cover. She has an incredible body shape and her hair was gorgeous. All I would suggest is she wear dresses more often because it really makes her pop.

5. Jennifer Lawrence – Although she is quite new to the Hollywood scene, she is already making an impression with her high-class style and body stature. I never knew how voluptuous her body was until I saw her on the latest Flare cover. The girl’s got an amazing body shape. She has that old Hollywood glam going for her and she knows how to pull off a good stare. Her eyes are so intense and yet, she still manages to remain calm and sensible at the same time.

6. Blake Lively – Always looking pretty, the lovely Blake is well-dressed at every event she attends. She knows which designer clothes matches her style and her choice of fashion is perfect for her. Looking classy at all times, this girl has an impeccable sense of style and confidence. She really can capture your attention with her elegance and grace. She’s definitely a fashionista, I’ll say.

7. Jessica Lowndes – I don’t know much about her one that I know for sure is that she is drop dead gorgeous. This lady really has a magical beauty about her. I mean, first of all, her eyes are like to die for, and secondly she really knows how to dress! I can’t think of one picture of her where I thought, this isn’t right at all.  She is one of those people who can look amazing in a paper bag. I love her taste in skirts and shoes. She looks the best in leather pants and a leather jacket.

8. Natalie Portman – I don’t think she can ever look bad. I mean, if she can pull off a rocker chick vibe with a shaven head, then she can do anything. Her eyes are her most appealing feature. They are just so hypnotizing that you can’t look away. She always comes up with the funkiest hairstyles and fiercest fashion earrings. Her slender body makes her look good in anything but I love the dresses she wears to award shows.  They are so flavourful and well tailored.

9. Mischa Barton – There’s nobody else in my mind that comes close to being as innovative as her when it comes to fashion style. From her hippie outfits to her rocking headbands, this girl knows how to dress for her taste. She has a great stature and her clothes fit her so well. She is so inventive when it comes to picking out a fashion event outfit. She was a model, after all. I hope she makes some better television show choices because I really miss seeing her on the small screen.

10. Minka Kelly – Gosh, this girl is absolutely surreal. Her eyes are glimmering and shiny and her hair flows with her face so well. I love her sense of fashion either on the street or on the cover of a magazine. She knows how to work the camera and make every boy fall in love with her. She just has that butterfly effect on people, you know? You can’t help but feel entranced by her mesmerizing beauty. She is so magnetic.

Well, that’s my list of my favourite celebrity styles. I’m sure I’m missing many other good ones, but this will do for now. I think celebrity fashion is a big part why I’m blogging on style and beauty lately. They really do represent the mainstream Hollywood image and if they are not careful of what they wear, I don’t think they’d be as successful as they are today.

Photo by Paul Deetman via Pexels

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