I’m a broadcast journalism graduate currently working in the digital advertising field with experience writing for various magazine, newspaper and online publications. I have worked for television stations including CTV and Citytv. Here you will find my portfolio of journalism/digital work. I am knowledgeable with radio/television news reporting and online content publishing.


Special Skills

Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Frontpage
Internet research and fact-checking skills
In-person/phone/Q&A interviewing skills
Knowledge of HTML, PHP, WordPress and other blog sites
Understands how to use CSS and Javascript
Graphic design experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
Advanced training in NewsEdit, iNews, Inca Inscriber, SoundForge, Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas
Effective communication and interpersonal skills
Keyboarding and data entry experience
QuarkXPress, Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere and After Effects

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